Robert Michael Bodrogi
Robert Michael 3

Robert Michael Bodrogi is a photographer and filmmaker who is best known for creating emotional portraiture. Beginning his career in the age of film, his work is influenced by Norman Seeff, Herb Ritts, and, more recently, Platon, Robert chooses to keep his work simple, relying on the process to ensure a consistently high quality of work. Robert’s work has been featured in national publications, as well as for national product launch campaigns. Robert Michael Bodrogi’s use of a simple visual structure was honed through the mixed medium upbringing of still photography and film. “They inform each other. A photograph, as an object, can be studied ad nauseam. Every detail can be critiqued, making it essential to get everything right. When that mindset is applied to video, the shots are instantly great. Now video is sequential art. The meaning of each shot is influenced by the shot before and the shot after. The same use of visual structure to influence a viewers emotions in video translates equally to photography. When shooting a series of images for a campaign, these images are shot often weeks apart, in different parts of the country or world. By understanding and applying visual structure to the campaign, it’s possible to make images that are identified as part of that campaign, even if the subjects, locations, and props are completely different.”

“Working in both still photography and video, I demand a lot from my gear. Photoflex Silverdome soft boxes and grids provide the versatility and durability to handle anything I ask of them. And the quality of light these boxes produce is consistent between strobes and hot lights, allowing my style to remain consistent between mediums.

The Starlight QL light is the most underrated light you can have in your kit. This light is small, powerful, durable, easy to work with, and maximizes the light output from a softbox.”