Kris Fulk
Krisfulk 2

Kris Fulk is a commercial photographer based in North Carolina. Born in Laguna, Philippines, she immigrated to New York City when she was only 10 years old. In the fall of 2001, Kris was accepted into the fashion design program of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. Witnessing the fall of the Twin Towers during September 11, however, precipitated her enlistment into the United States Navy in 2001. She served as an aviation electrician’s mate, working on F/A 18s for four years until her honorable discharge at the age of 23. Since then she has graduated magna cum laude from St. Mary’s College of Southern Maryland with a Studio Art/ Art History degree focused on photography and illustration, and pursues her love for fashion and art through her camera.

“I think Photoflex gear are well made and well designed. I like working with them on-location because I know they’re dependable and won’t fall apart.”