Joe Edelman
Edelman 26

Joe Edelman is an advertising and editorial photographer, author, educator and YES – that crazy PHOTO Joe Edelman on YouTube!

His career has spanned four decades, from his start as a newspaper photojournalist to photographing all types of people for commercial clients such as magazines, colleges, corporations and advertising agencies. His work has been published in magazines like Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Get Fit and Shape to name but a few. He has been called upon to complete assignments for both the New York Times and The Los Angeles Times and has serviced commercial advertising clients from all over the United States.

His primary target – beautiful people! He is best known for his photographs of beautiful women.

He takes great pride in sharing his knowledge via his popular YouTube Channel: Photo Joe Edelmanrecognized by YouTube as one of the fastest rising channels of 2016.

He is also the author of the popular modeling advice website which contains loads of information and guidance for new and experienced models and well as the most comprehensive modeling agency directory online.

“I have been a Photoflex user from the beginning! From Umbrellas, Softboxes, Octodomes, Lite Discs, Lite Disc Holders and Lite Panels, I have owned and used them all. I am a shooter that works fast and hard and while I have tried other brands over the years, I have always kept my Photoflex gear. Their materials deliver great color and all their gear has proven to be durable, reliable and just plain easy to use.”