Dan Bailey

Lowepro recently called Dan Bailey the “Indiana Jones of adventure and outdoor photography”. His energetic, first-person shooting style and strong ability to anticipate and capture the moment has landed him clients such as Nikon, Fuji, Patagonia, Discovery Channel Publications, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Outside Magazine. With a style that blends the raw immersion of participatory extreme sports photography and the focused creativity of high-end commercial work, Dan loves experimenting to find the right vantage point, gear or creative solution that will make his action imagery and portraits come alive. Dan can often be found hunkering down in the dirt or snow, climbing above the scene or running down the trail with a pack full of camera gear in his endless search for dynamic light and compelling locations.

“I’ve been using Photoflex products for almost 20 years, and I still have some of my original gear. Considering how hard I am on my equipment, that’s saying a lot. As a pro outdoor photographer, I need gear that stands up to the rigors of being used in demanding environments and gets the job done with functional, simple designs. Comparing all the different soft boxes and light modifiers I’ve tried over the years, none of them match my Photoflex Domes for overall dependability and value.”