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On March 1, 2007, all Norman operations moved from Minneapolis, MN to Promark International, Inc.
headquarters in Bartlett, IL. Norman is officially a member of the Promark International family of brands,
which includes Photogenic Professional Lighting, Smith-Victor Corp., Cool-Lux, and Logan Electric.

Norman will maintain its own identity. All advertising, websites, catalogs and other marketing materials
will remain unique to Norman and separate from the other Promark brands. Existing Norman photographic
lighting products will continue to be manufactured and marketed under the Norman brand. This
includes the ML400 and 600 monolights, D12 and D24 commercial power supplies and light units, P808
series power supplies and light units for school photographers, and the A200 and A400 Battery Portable
In addition to Norman, Promark International, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of Photogenic
Professional Lighting, Smith-Victor electronic flash and continuous lighting products, Cool-Lux oncamera
and studio lights for videographers, and Logan Electric light boxes, slide sorting and storage