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Who is PromarkBRANDS

Founded in 1994 as Promark International*now PromarkBRANDS, the company today houses 10 brands under one roof, centrally located at our 96,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility here in Bartlett, Illinois. Our brands reflect traditional American craftsmanship and know-how merged with the latest technologies. The diversity of our brands and product lines is designed to meet existing and emerging trends and customer needs.

Where are you located?

in Bartlett, Illinois, PromarkBRANDS designs, develops, manufactures, tests, warehouses, and ships thousands of products to meet your needs and those of a wide range of end users, from enthusiast to professional. Order processing, customer service, and repairs are also housed under the same roof.

Our R&D and technical teams are at the forefront of product innovation and development, always striving to bring you products with unmatched reliability, features, and technologies at favorable price points.

What types of products do you produce?

PromarkBRANDS is the leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for photography, videography, and digital imaging. PromarkBRANDS other brands include Cool-Lux, Dot Line, Logan, Norman, Photogenic, Photoflex, Quantum Instruments, Radiopopper, Smith-Victor, and Speedotron.

We have the widest selection and diversity of products made in U.S.A. of any photo/video manufacturer or distributor in the country or anywhere on the globe. And all priced with your profit margins in mind.

What is your turnaround time?

PromarkBRANDS offers a wide variety of products numbering in the thousands, practically all of them in stock and ready for order processing and shipping the same day.

We use state-of-the-art methodologies to ensure availability the moment you need a product or replacement part. Toward that end, we employ such strategies as lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory management. Stock is maintained at our facility, ready to be built, tested, kitted, packed, and shipped when you need it, where you need it. Our production floor is set up to manufacture product on a most efficient and cost-effective basis. That extends to manufacturing our own printed circuit boards, cable and wire harness assemblies, final assembly, and quality-control testing.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We’ll take a one-piece order or a thousand-piece order from one brand or across multiple brands. We’ll drop-ship if required. We can ship to any region in the country, or the world, for delivery within a matter of days.

What kind of pricing will i get, margins...

Product diversity is one thing. Profitability is another. By strictly enforcing MAP pricing, PromarkBRANDS is a source of continuing and increasing profits for our dealers. To bolster brand and product awareness—and enhance your bottom line, we are continually active in new product development. Further, we have listened to you and redesigned our packaging to stand out from the crowd, making it visually appealing, more user-friendly, and informative, outlining key features and benefits, along with product specifications. The packaging practically sells itself! That, too, leads to increased sales and greater profits.

Will you private label your products?

Do you want to increase store recognition, grow your business, and increase sales and profits? Well, consider our DLC private-label program. We’ll work with you to provide merchandise that carries your brand, with products that will bring customers back to your store time and time again. Brand identity promotes your store. It’s essentially free advertising that will help your store grow.

having problems?

need support or repairs?

Our service department is now offering repair service on all our product brands.  We also sell the replacement flash tubes as well.

If you suspect a malfunction or require adjustment, return the unit to the factory with an accurate description of the problem.

Please be sure your problem is not caused by improper operating procedure or malfunctions in your other equipment. There is a diagnostic fee of $35 per item being submitted for repair. This fee shall be waived should you proceed with the repair.  Non PromarkBRANDS products will be subject to a shipping and handling charge.

What must I include when I send in my equipment?

Please include the product serial number in your correspondence regarding any problem you are having with a Quantum product.

* Also include:*
* Your name and complete mailing address.
* Your daytime telephone number and time you may be reached.
* Your email address.
* Specific information regarding your inquiry and/or detailed description of a problem.

Equipment Be sure to include

Batteries: Cables and chargers
Flashes: Flash tube, any TTL adapters, cables
Radio Slave/ FreeXwire: Sync cables or motor drive cables
Photometer: Turrets and accessories

How long does a repair usually take?

Repairs are done on a first come first serve basis and could take up to twenty business days depending on our work load. You will be contacted, with an estimate after a tech has evaluated your equipment. Once the estimate is approved the work will be completed within 2 business days and your equipment will be sent back.

*Please note: *
Paying by check will delay the return of your repair until the check has cleared (up to 15 work days) which could be beyond our normal turn around time of ten to fifteen business days.

PromarkBrands Service Department

(61 2) 9251 5600

1268 Humbracht Circle Bartlett, IL 60103-1631 USA