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The preferred choice of lighting by the NBA and renowned as an industry workhorse, Speedotron has been a revered name in photographic strobe lighting for decades. Consistency, REliability, Durability—that was the CREDo when Speedotron systems made their debut back in 1939 and it still stands today. Entirely made and serviced at our Bartlett facility, Speedotron is comprised of two product lines. Black Line was designed for the demanding professional still photographer with heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. Brown Line is aimed at pros and aspiring professionals on a budget, with less-demanding workloads.

Professional still photographers continue to embrace Speedotron’s Black Line as being the most user-friendly, reliable, dependable, consistent, and versatile lighting systems on the planet, with a complete range of power packs, heads, reflectors, light modifiers, and accessories to meet any studio or location need—and all without breaking the bank. Black Line power supplies and light units are built to provide accurate and repeatable light output day in and day out. Even flash tubes are tested to have a minimum duty cycle of an incredible 100,000 flashes.

Speedotron’s Brown Line offers a more economical but equally user-friendly alternative for the budget-conscious pro and aspiring pro, with a complete line of power supplies, heads, and accessories ready to deliver the right lighting when and where needed. A complete system of reflectors, light modifiers, and accessories rounds out this product line.

Both systems operate on safe voltages for any camera system, whether that be DSLR, mirrorless, medium format, or large format, digital or analog. Making these flash lighting systems even more appealing, the power supplies and heads can be readily and economically serviced here in Bartlett, Illinois, which is a stark contrast to competing overseas brands that are often costly to repair.

Prospective end user/applications—Black Line: commercial advertising, catalog, and editorial photographers; also, industrial, scientific, technology, medical, military, and law enforcement applications; photography schools.

Prospective end user/applications—Brown Line: pros and aspiring pros, as well as students.

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