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Smith Victor

Smith-Victor is the dream of every photo and video hobbyist, enthusiast, amateur, and student, offering a wide range of economically priced yet reliable products in lighting, studio support equipment, tripods, and accessories for the home and budget studio, as well as location. Product lines cover the gamut: lighting (LED, hotlights, fluorescent), light modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, etc.), light tents, studio supports, posing stools and tables, clamps, cases, shooting tables, photo and video tripods, Morris Company slave strobes and triggers, and a wide variety of studio and lighting accessories. Smith-Victor has been steadfastly serving photographers since 1874. It is oldest brand in the photo industry, with many of our products made in U.S.A.

Prospective end user/applications: photo and video hobbyist, enthusiast, amateur, student, and aspiring pro shooting in the home studio or on location.