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Established in 2006, RadioPopper is the radio remote system that PocketWizard aspires to. Numerous options begin with more basic transmitters and receivers and extend to TTL-flash-governing devices compatible with many systems, among them Canon, Nikon, and Sony. And all feature digital control for a user-friendly experience. RadioPopper remote-triggered flashes can be positioned up to an astounding 1500 feet away, or more! No other wireless radio system can make that claim. Unlike infrared systems, no direct line of sight is required. That means that you can hide our RadioPoppers behind walls or obstacles without interfering with the signal, for reliable triggering from first pop to last. There are three models, all made and serviced in Bartlett, Illinois, U.S.A.

RadioPopper PX is our i-TTL/E-TTL-compatible radio remote flash triggering system. Attach the PX receiver to any of a number of Canon, Nikon, Nissin, or Quantum strobes and trigger them wirelessly with the PX transmitter seated on the master flash. Multiple channels and groups are supported.

The Jr2 was designed for the customer who doesn’t need TTL flash but who still wants control over multiple channels and groups. These transmitters and receivers will operate with numerous monolights, as well as Nikon and Canon flashes, and are fully compatible with Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, and Olympus mirrorless systems, as well as Canon and Nikon digital cameras.

If your customer needs a simpler wireless solution, we offer the Nano. The Nano’s interface is very basic, whereas operation extends to 1750 feet, with support for up to 4 channels. Featuring a built-in hot shoe and sync port, it can be used in conjunction with the Jr2, PX, Photogenic, and Sekonic modules. It also functions as a remote shutter release for the camera.

We also have dedicated RadioPoppers designed specifically for many of our Photogenic monolights and for Paul C. Buff’s Einstein E640.

Prospective end user/applications: studio and location photographers; professionals and aspiring pros; students; photo schools.