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Quantum Instruments

Well established as a cornerstone in the world of portable flash systems and on-the-go battery power, Quantum has garnered a well-deserved reputation as the choice of professionals worldwide. The de facto lighting system for wedding and event photographers, out of the box, Quantum flashes deliver unrivaled performance, featuring TTL-flash control, parabolic reflectors, and wireless radio capability. Accessory light modifiers further optimize light output. Our power packs are the auxiliary batteries of choice for Nikon and Canon shoe-mount users. Optional wireless controllers and LED ring lights from Quantum further broaden and extend the reach of every photographer to tackle any job. From the day it debuted in 1975, Quantum has continued to innovate and be an industry leader. Made in U.S.A., Quantum is serviced entirely at our Bartlett facility.

Quantum Qflash TTL-flash lighting systems take the guesswork and time-consuming calculations out of the hands of the photographer while delivering measured flash output for each and every situation, whether that be a bride at the altar, a Bar Mizvah, or a publicity shot. Thanks to built-in wireless radio control, these lights are versatile enough so your customers can quickly and easily arrange a multiple-lighting setup for portraits in a bride’s home or at any exotic location. And even if they also own Nikon or Canon shoe-mounts, they can bring those lights into the mix with our wireless controllers. In addition, don’t forget to inquire about our FreeXwire TTL Multi-Flash Control.

Perhaps the best part of all, your customers can drive a Qflash at full power for an entire day without slowing down to wait for the lights to catch up. Qflash keeps pace with your customers.

And if your customers need a ring light for portrait, fashion, or beauty lighting, we have the OmicronLED Ring Light, in two models.

Each of our lighting systems is also available in kit form. We even offer unique hybrid lighting kits, which combine our Qflash and LED ring light for still and video applications. The included Quantum Turbo batteries provide all the necessary power for studio and location work.

Prospective end user/applications: wedding and event photographers and videographers; fashion and beauty photography.