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Widely regarded as the portrait photographer’s go-to lighting system, Photogenic lights are equally suited to both studio and location photo shoots. Serving photographers since 1903, Photogenic offers a full line of user-friendly, versatile monolights and lightweight power supplies and heads for flash photography. For the portrait photographer, Photogenic also offers posing tables and stools and a master rail system. Each lighting system is fully complemented by a wide range of light modifiers and support accessories. Photogenic products are largely made in the U.S.A. and entirely serviced at our Bartlett facility.

Photogenic’s latest product is the Matrix MCD400R Monolight. This self-contained strobe features a built-in 2.4 GHz wireless radio receiver. Wrapped in a user-friendly, value-added package capable of delivering core functionality and features equal to monolights selling at twice the price, it offers fast recycling and is lightweight. That makes it the perfect light at the perfect price. In a multi-light setup, wireless radio operation lets you place the lights out of direct line of sight and still achieve reliable triggering by one of our dedicated on-camera radio transmitters.

A more established member of the Photogenic family is the series of PowerLight monolights, from 250 to 1000 Ws. These self-contained strobes come in various configurations, including built-in PocketWizard and digital display models. Veritable workhorses, the versatile PowerLights have proven their reliability on the most demanding jobs. A dedicated RadioPopper module is available to add wireless triggering to all non-radio-equipped models.

Photogenic light modifiers include the exclusive and patented Photogenic Eclipse umbrella. Unlike traditional ribbed umbrellas that reflect disturbing catchlights, the Eclipse hides the ribs, so the portrait photographer achieves beautiful lighting with pristine catchlights. And if your customer prefers to work with softboxes, Photogenic offers everything from the traditional softbox to strip lights and octa-boxes, accessorized by grids and more.

In addition, no photo studio would be complete without a Master Rail Suspension System. Instead of moving lights around on the ground or even on rollers, a rail suspension system keeps lights out of the way, in the ceiling, thereby also keeping cords safely out of the way.

Photogenic’s product line further encompasses shooting tables for the small-product tabletop photographer. Kits are also available, complete with matched monolights.

Last but certainly not least, Photogenic offers the patented ION Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Tested not only with Photogenic gear, but also with a wide variety of strobe monolights from competing brands, the affordable and surprisingly compact ION affords the location photographer the ability to go anywhere with a consistently reliable power supply on hand, without worrying about AC outlets or dealing with noisy and troublesome gas generators. Pair the new Matrix with the ION for a winning combination—a user-friendly, wireless location portrait kit at an affordable price.

Photogenic lighting systems operate on safe voltages for any camera system, and, because they are manufactured and serviced at our Bartlett facility, repairs are fast and economical.

Prospective end user/applications: portrait photographers; still life and tabletop photography; professional and home studio; location lighting; photography schools and students.