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A well-established and widely-respected name in the photo and video industries since 1978, Photoflex offers light modifiers of every kind, to meet the needs of the commercial and portrait photographer shooting strobe, the location photographer shooting with large lights or small shoe-mount flash, and the videographer and small-product photographer shooting with hotlights and LED lighting.

Light modifiers encompass the HalfDomeLiteDomeOctoDome, and MultiDome softboxes, as well as grids to further refine the light, in numerous sizes, with fittings for a wide variety of flash heads.

There are also many collapsible reflectors, among them our MultiDisc and LiteDisc, as well as LitePanels, individually or in kit form. And then we have umbrellas with varying reflecting surfaces, as well as shoot-through and adjustable-shape umbrellas.

Among the products rounding out the offerings from Photoflex are our FirstStudio. The FirstStudio is designed to give the studio novice the needed working tools at affordable prices, without compromise in quality or versatility.

In addition, we offer our very own StarLite QL tungsten fixture and lamps.

Prospective end user/applications: photo and video pro and aspiring pro photographers, photo/video enthusiasts and students, shooting at home, on location, or in the classroom.