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Norman has garnered a place in the hearts and minds of professional still photographers as contemporary in its styling and unswerving in meeting today’s challenges, delivering quality results from one moment to the next. Our strobe lighting focuses on digital control, offering the next generation of photographers that 21st century look and feel with more traditional dependability they’ve come to expect from Norman since the company first came to light in 1959. Norman is a supplier to Lifetouch Portrait Studios, Portrait Innovations, JC Penny, and many more national studio chains. Fully serviced at our Bartlett facility, Norman is proud to be made in U.S.A.

Norman strobe lighting consists of both monolights and powerpacks, with a full range of heads. A wide choice of light modifiers and accessories is available for all these products, giving your customers unparalleled support for each and every job.

Long a standard among photographers on the go, Norman’s portable strobe systems offer unmatched ruggedness, versatility, and reliability. Available as individual components or complete kits, various A200C and A400B models take you where you want to go, with features such as built-in modeling light and PocketWizard radio triggering.

Norman strobe systems operate on safe voltages for any camera system. Servicing is fast and economical, and done completely at our Bartlett facility.

Prospective end user/applications: commercial, portrait, wedding, fashion, and editorial photographers and aspiring pros; photography schools and students; portrait studio chains