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Cool-Lux has established itself as the gold standard in broadcast and video lighting and accessories, with many products made in U.S.A and all fully serviced here in Bartlett. We offer LED panels, tungsten lighting, and broadcast/ENG/cine camera rigs and accessories.

LED panels are available in daylight, tungsten, and bicolor versions and in a variety of intensities (individually and in kits). Each features a high CRI (color-rendering index) greater than 95, yielding a pure, clean light free of color contaminants, for pleasing, true-to-life flesh tones. Light intensity can be adjusted without color shifting throughout its output range via a rear-panel dial or remotely via DMX (DMX models only).

Numerous video lighting options are available. They include the following:

The Mini-Cool was designed exclusively for the videographer. Innovative compact design, and light quality resulted in a Technical Oscar nomination. Its size, efficiency, and unique air-draft ventilation system made it NASA’s choice to be the first video light in space.

The U3 Tri-Light was designed for on-site video production where conditions require the operator to change light output without using dimmers and without altering color temperature. This rugged DC light is built from a solid piece of T-60 extruded aluminum to withstand heavy use in all kinds of terrain.

On-camera video lighting solutions include the following:

The ideal lighting solution for today’s high-definition video and HD-SLR cameras, the Micro-Lux is one of the smallest on-camera professional digital video lights available, weighing less than 6 ounces. It features a built-in glass diffuser for even light distribution. Also available is the dimmable Digi-Lux. And for a softer, broader light that eliminates the need for light modifiers, there is the SL3000.

In broadcast/ENG/Cine camera supports and controls, Cool-Lux offers various rigs (namely the patented Shift Baseplate and Cool-Rigs, which allow you to carry a camera on the shoulder with utmost comfort or mount it to a tripod), various accessories for these rigs, and Lux Gears for smoother follow focus.

Prospective end user/applications: professional broadcast, ENG (electronic news gathering), cinema, and indie video.