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PromarkBRANDS is the leading MANUFACTURER of equipment and accessories for photography, videography, and digital imaging. PromarkBRANDS other brands include Cool-Lux, Dot Line, Logan, Norman, Photogenic, Photoflex, Quantum Instruments, Radiopopper, Smith-Victor, and Speedotron.  PromarkBRANDS is a company deeply steeped in a tradition of support for our dealers. Every product we offer takes your bottom line into account. At the same time, we’re committed to keeping pace with technology and marketing trends.

We place great emphasis here at PromarkBRANDS on the quality and diversity of the BRANDS we own. That’s why we’ve incorporated BRANDS in our name.

We help make pictures and video look their best and we also want you to look your best.  At Smith-Victor we developed the first viable powder flash system. 1oo Years later our Cool-Lux LK2020 was chosen by NASA as the first video light on the Space Shuttle and also nominated for an Oscar. Radiopopper designed the world’s first radio TTL flash system.  Honeywell chose Smith-Victor to help light Boeing 747 jet wings.  We help the NBA slam-dunkers look their best with arena lighting powered by our legendary Speedotron 2405 which is used in the most demanding lighting situations in the World.  And we’ll help you provide the best products and service to every one of your customers no matter what the situation.

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