Ian Spanier
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Ian Spanier was born in Connecticut and raised in Westchester, New
York. Spanier’s interest in photography began at age six when his
parents gave him his first camera. His work has received numerous awards
from major photo competitions and the design community. Spanier is a
regular contributor of photo-educational content to both
Photoflex Lighting School and the Photoflex LiteBlog.
Currently, he resides in Los Angeles and is available for assignment in
any location accessible by plane, train, car, horse, camel, or mule.

“I’ve been using Photoflex products for nearly 20 years and I
actually still have the first OctoDome that they produced! That speaks
volumes to the longevity of a great modifier. Whether in the studio or
out on location, I’ve come to rely on my Photoflex gear to accomplish
whatever challenges are thrown my way.“